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Chimp turned Deadly!

The Chimp here in this photo was treated so badly day after day. That only after a few short months after being bought. The chimp turned deadly against its owner. Letting him have it by unloading a full clip right at him. Luckily for the owner. Everytime the chimp shot a round off, he closed his eyes and the bullets went off into another direction. The chimp was taken into custody and is now serving a 2 year prison sentence at the Animal Prison Rehab Center (APRC), located in Cedar Hills, Utah for rehab. The owner is doing fine. A little shaken up, but okay. He doesn't plan on buying anymore Chimps at least not for now! But the owner will have to face animal cruelty charges and could serve up to 6 months in a local prison if found guilty. So is this story true or false? We'll let you decide.