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What, More designs for 2008. What's going on here?

These here are some little things that I just whipped-up. 

I know what your thinking, don't quit you daytime job!  Ok , I won't then (darn-it!) 

 Actually the designs you see here that were done in photoshop, I would like to see put into a book like the one I have out now, but only with these designs, not the  drawn-out hand designs. I think it would be pretty darn cool. I think about 20 to 30 of these designs would be cool to have stuff into one book. The name...oh, could be something like this... Mr. Clarks tear-out and hang designs. But where can I put the word awesome in it. It doesn't seem to fit this time around, (BUMMER).  I'll just have to work on that one.  

What's your favorite design(s)?