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It only happens to me bummer!

1/12/24. Yes I remember once back in high school there was an opening for a tight-end as I was interested in playing football during the fall of 83 and so I applied why not. So the coach had try-outs in August one day so I did my very best cause I wanted to make the team something to be proud of you know. So after the try-outs my coach came up to me and said, Chris Chris Chris I don't think tight-end would be a good position for you. So as the coach started walking away from me, he turned around and said you know you would probably make a better loose-end. So it took me a while to figure it out and said to myself hey there are no loose-ends in football thanks coach....lol  

4/19/24. I remember once I was at the beach years ago and I had my binoculars with me...lol and I was looking around at the sky and I saw this object getting closer and closer and then realized it was a blimp. So I said in a loud voice to my friends, wow look at that blimp over there and then I noticed quite a few over weight people looked right at me...lol Opps!

4/21/24. I remember once years ago there was this beautiful girl that lived across the street from me and she was smiling showing her teeth and I always thought she was smiling at me until a friend told me oh her oh well she's just getting use to her new braces....lol 

6/10/24. There are two types of friends. The friend who will be a friend but only when it's convenient for them and the other friend who will always be there for you no matter what. 

6/25/24. I remember once back in high school there was a kid that wanted to fight me. I remember going into the lunchroom and he was sitting down at the table and he said Clark let's fight. So we decided to fight in the old gym that evening. But he said there's one condition we fight with the lights off. So I said okay why not that might be kind of fun. So when I got there, the room was very dark and he said let's go being already in there before me and then the next thing punches started swinging, legs started kicking and finally we both had enough but I think I got the worse of it knowing he had one. And then he said okay let's put the lights on so I can find my wheelchair.