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T-shirt examples
Here are a few examples of what the T-shirt will look like

This beautiful model shows you how the shirt will look like in its finished stage.    Sorry, model not included!  The shirt with the 'I love this person' is sold out! I guess there's a lot of people in this world that's in-love with themselves...lol

For a better looking design, it's always best to cut around the design and inbetween if needed, instead of applying the design with the white backing. The designs are not in color. I'm just showing what the designs will look like when one adds color to them. To add color to a design, one can use any software program that would allow one to scan in their designs and then be able to add color by using the paint bucket tool such as the one found in Photoshop. To learn more about this, just go to this website page called Introduction to Adobe Photoshop/The Paint Bucket Tool.  Here it will explain how to use this very useful tool.  Another way to color in the designs would be to use a special type of crayon. Ofcourse this way will take much longer and is hard on the eyes and hand/wrist. Some of these software programs are free to download, but are limited to what they can do and in most cases will not allow you to save or print out any work. A cheaper program to that of Photoshop ($650.00) would be Photoshop Elements that can be purchased for about $90.00. Another software program that is very good is Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE which can be bought for only $39.95 which can be found on this webpage Photoshop 5.0 LE: Software Surplus.   Please note that some of the word designs and regular designs displayed on this page might not be in the coloring book that's coming out.  These prints might be inserted in the second book.  Please buy a book and help contribute to my early retirement.  Thanks!