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Abstract Designs (Gallery Three)
The Designs with the black background, white lines have been inverted to give them their neat appearance.

Here some more drawings.  Please feel free to print out any of these artworks. These designs that you are looking at are the one's that took the longest time to do.   I don't do these very often, mostly the name designs because they are quicker and easier to do without the long hours, and still carry that unique look about them.  I think I'll save these one's to do for a rainy day!!!  

To enlarge image, please click mouse once over the drawing.  (Take a look at the last drawing (bottom of page).  Stare at it for awhile and notice how the lines seem to pop (move around). Try this, concentrate right in the middle of the drawing, notice how the lines shift to the left and then to the right, (the lines start going in all directions) Awesome......... but don't stare at it too long or else.........

 What's my secret to doing these designs...(The answer is simple)...to have plenty of patience!