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As promised, I added a new website page that's only going to be used for my homemade videos, but my award winning music songs.   I had a lot of problems trying to upload past videos to this here website. So I said,  enough is enough and decided to go ahead and break open my piggy bank and spend a little. So I have to put off my retirement for another twenty years. I hope you enjoy these video clips at my expense that I made only for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the Video clip one, two etc and it should start right up. The numbers are not in order like 123 going down, but 123 going up etc. I think one should be at the top counting downwards. Anyway, more videos will be added as time goes by (sounds like that English tv show). I made it so you can download and save it to your hardrive for viewing later. You can also send this video clip to a friend, family member etc. You can also enlarge the screen for better viewing if needed. ENJOY and thanks again for watching another one of those crazy videos from you know who!!!  A message from the creator(not the one from above). As you know when the traffic gets heavy, the video takes longer to download especially in the evening hours. So you might have to let the orange meter move along about half way before playing. For best playback, wait a few minutes and let the orange meter move all the way to the right.  Then hit play. Otherwise the video might have a tendency to stop periodicallly causing a choppy video and making the audio sound like crap and we don't want that to happen right. In other words, it plays faster than it can download. Like to see the video again? Then do nothing! The video will start up automatically when it's done playing the first time. These videos sound much better if you use a good pair of headphones or else get a better pair of sounding speakers. So give it a try!

Magix Magix

To go to the webpage, just click on either the reel of film or the word saying Magix. Either one will take you there with no problems.. Please be aware that this website doesn't have a 1-click back to my website button. So you'll have to go back into my main website separately or keep clicking the back arrow button until you come to my main website. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

If you really like that song your listening to and want to share it with a friend, you can. Just download it and send it through email. Or download the song to your hard drive on your computer or create your own music cd disk adding anyone of my songs to it. It's that easy, I think.

All of these songs were created by me. However there are other materials used such as the voices with or without background sounds and/or music or just background sounds with music or music with no background sounds or visa versa that were added into the mix which come from another website that is all legal for personal downloading and sharing, but not for selling purposes unless paid for. All of the other instruments and voices heard are from the MAGIX SOUND POOL DVD COLLECTION ITSELF which has been paid for and can be used for personal purposes as well as for sharing with the intent to sell. So all of this is perfectly legal in every form, shape or mannor!

There are other songs that have been used in my videos. But let's not get into that one...lol