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It all started in Sept 2003 with only a few photo's and a handful of designs up.
Along with a few flyers passed out and a handfull of kids that I told.

The new count as of today is mmmm, I have no idea now.

The visitors counter isn't working anymore...lol   

Looking ahead. When I sell my first 500 books, I'll put out another coloring book, but this time it's going to be more of a poster book where one can tear out anyone of my designs and hang them on the wall.  Not so much of a coloring book this time, but more of those intense designs that are located throughout my first book. I think you know which ones I'm talking about here. It should be a fun and interesting all at the same time.

All hits that I receive are always greatly appreciated! So thanks again!!! And  remember, it's not always the hits that make a website popular. No, what a minute, I think the hits does have a lot to do with it, but I'm sure it's not the only thing that one can judge their website by or can they? I just don't know!  

Other great news! I just received notice that I sold 24 of my coloring books back in January and 16 in February.I say thanks to all who have bought my book. This is greatly appreciated!

Just to let you know, I sold 1 book to somebody in Canada and 2 books to someone's in France and one or two in Japan. Not a lot, but it's nice to know that someone from another country has found my book interesting, interesting enough to want to buy it and having it shipped all the way from here to there,(cool)! I know 1 or two books isn't a lot, but things usually start off small anyway. So, am I right, or am I right?