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ValoreBooks official website.
Just another place where one can order my book online.

Want to order my book, then just click on ValoreBooks or click the image. (Whatever works for you right) which will then take you to their website where you can order one. It's just that plain and simple. No strings attached! You might notice the price went up, (only by a little bit). It all has to do with the economy I guess.


ValoreBooks ValoreBooks

The hidden link behind this picture does work! It cost me an extra $1.25 to have it installed. Please don't click on it too many times because it will cost me an additional 5 cents every time someone clicks on it. Hey, who's the wiseguy that click on it 1oo times in one sitting...lol


ValoreBooks is a true to life online bookstore, just like the other ones listed on my website, but most of them do have sellers that sell through them. So when the seller let's say Books Done Right sells one of my books, they can basically set any price they want to. (as it all depends on who wants to pay that much) Of course they have to give a certain percentage to that online book store like ValoreBooks. So here, everybody makes money. So What about the author you ask. Good question! I'm working on that one. I say, just show me the money! And that's my finale answer!