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Multimedia: Mr. Clarks Slide Art Show
Plays on Windows Media Player.

Watch and listen as you view Mr. Clarks awesome art slide show right infront of your eyes. I will be experimenting through the days to come to see just exactly what works and what doesn't work and why it does work and why it doesn't work. (Need to have Windows Media Player) 

I just upgraded my old video software to Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition so I can bring you even more awesome video creations from Clarks Productions Inc.

Click filename below to access file


Please be patient while the video loads. It could take anywhere from 1min up to 3min. Of course it all depends on your computer and your connection if you have dial-up or high speed internet, but that don't matter cause it's going to be all well worth it. (When downloading), if the video doesn't play, only the audio part, this usually means that too many people are downloading the same video at the same time. If this happens, try downloading another video and then go back to that one.