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2008 Spring/Summer book sales:
This is the break down from my book sales for the books sold or maybe not...lol

My most recent report on my book salesActually the latest figures from my book sales is 10 available and not 12. I created this display before I received notice. What's two less books right.

Let's not forget about Cool!!! He's the little dude on top.

Also, if you go to Abebooks Official Site (online bookstore), and do a title search under my book name, you will notice that they have 100 of my books available. You will also notice there are not 8 but 10 (numbers vary daily or weekly which depends upon the independent seller) different bookstores that are carrying up to 20 each of my books that are for sale at their place of business. So what are you waiting for, go check it out!

For your convenience, I added a redirect button called (Abebooks) which is the 16th one up from the bottom of my webpage that will take you right to Abebooks website. There you can order my book.

Also too, my book is now listed on e-bay. They have a 100 available. So please go check it out right now before time runs out!