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Watch out for bursting ice cubes and Mr. Bean

Kids, becareful this time of year when it comes to putting ice in your drinks. Ice cubes have been known to crack & burst sending sharp pieces of ice everywhere especially during these hot & humid months. So when your putting ice in your drinks. Wait a few minutes before taking a drink. This will ensure that the ice is no longer a threat and it's okay to take a drink. As a safety precaution. One should stand back about 3 to 5ft to reduce the chances of getting hit by the ice spears. The only way in slimming the chances in getting hit with a piece of ice is to make sure that the drink that the ice is going into is colder than the ice going into it. Am I making any sense here? But then we would ask ourselves this question. If the drink is already cold, then why do I need to add ice cubes to it? Good question indeed. Unfortunately as slow as I am, I'm still working on that answer. And when I find it, I'll get right back to you on it okay. So, here's an example of what the ice looks like after it has shattered.The tips of these sharp pieces of ice is as sharp as a Samurai Sword.  

Shattered Ice Shattered Ice
Got it right in the eye! Got it right in the eye!

 Here's a picture of a man who took a drink before he let the ice settle. Not a good thing! To see the image of this poor man. Just click on the image of the lady who is taking your picture right now or the link to the right of it. 

(Warning):  Picture can be very disturbing for some).  

You say what can happen. Well for one thing you could poke your eye out! Click on the image to get a better view of just how sharp these pices of ice can get. Talk about glass. Just click on the image above.