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Poster designs:
Put together these pages to make an awesome design.

Hey kids, with these 4 designs, you can make an awesome poster. First print them out. Then cut the white paper off (make sure you cut straight along the design and not into it and leaving no white anyplace along it. A paper cutter would be the ideal tool to use, but a good pair of scissors will do the trick as well. Then put A, B, C and D together. A and B are on the top and C and D are on the bottom. Just like the grades I got back in school This is something new I thought I try. So why don't you give it a try. After your done, you can use a cardboard backing to support the drawings or just hang it on your walls.  Use clear scotch tape to put them together And don't use duck tape or electrical tape for obvious reasons.  More of these 4 piece designs will be showing up as the weeks go by, but only on Mr. Clarks website and none other.  Some will be a 2 piece design, but only if I feel lazy that day! Hey, what if I did a 6 or even an 8 piece design. I wonder how that would look all put together. Here's a crazy thought, what if I went as far as to do a 10 page design. Actually I would probably become very confused while in the process of creating them. 10 layed-out pages can become quite an overwhelming experience especially if one can only view 2 or 4 at a time in Photoshop. So Juggling and working on 4 open images at one time in Photoshop can become quite a challenge.  I didn't get a chance to print them out and try it. Hopefully all four designs will line up evenly. In Photoshop, everything looked good. So we shall see.   

 And remember to use the slowest print speed for best results. If your printer has super duper low speed. Use that one. It may take a very long time to print out one sheet, but it's worth it!