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To all that have visited my website/art gallery, I send my thanks.  I'm only a small town artist and everyone knows how an artist's life can be.  Trying to get recognized in the "Art World" is like trying to become an actor or a singer.  So it's far from easy, infact I would have better luck finding a needle in a hay stack, or better yet, looking for that one legged ballerina. Say, has anybody seen her?  Thanks again, and please be sure to visit my website again soon because I'm always updating and adding neat and cool things either on a daily or weekly basis or which one either comes first. Oh, by the way kids, don't forget to tell your friends that you just met one of NewEngland's finest abstract line design artist and this is where I stand. My name is Chris Clark and I approve of this message. Now how can that be? Can it be, be true that is? It just can't be! Nope, I just don't believe it, it just can't be true, say it isn't true. Can it? Will it? Won't it? Have no idea! I don't know. I don't care. I'll get back to you on this tomorrow idea. I'll let you decide ok. And remember kids, all these designs that you see here on my website are just for fun, relaxation is what I call it. I would never do any drawings that would cause me or you to stress out!  And besides, why would I? I started my website back in the Fall of 2003, and decided from that time on that it's time for me to make myself known. My internal clock that's ticking away, says... it's show time. I remember once at the  Elementary  school in Saugus, I did the name designs for half the class during their 15 minute break time.   There were about 10-12 students. Not too bad for a wanna-be-artist.  I guess one could say I kicked it up a notch during that time.  Well, I had to. I only had 15 minutes to work with and I didn't want to disappoint the kids. I would really hate to disappoint the kids especially when it comes to art. Kids come first in my book!  I can usually put out a name design in about 10 minutes or less depending on how many letters there are. Now if I am in a ticked off mood, which is very rare for me, cut that time in half. I seem to design faster when I'm in a not so good mood. So, the ticker I get, the faster I go. Why is that?  Now, do I ever at times get intimidated being around other artists, I don't think so.  Will I ever, I hope not. If I do, I'm in the wrong business!  And remember kids, there are artist and then there are Artist!!!  All I can say is, it is what it is!   I could say a lot more, but I think I'll stop right here which is fine with me.

There's really not that big of a difference between a recording artist that sings in public and puts out records to that of a design artist who creates designs and puts out books or in my case coloring books. I just need to get there and start throwing out designs.  If I had the money, I would probably have my second book out by now and working on my third. We artist speak with our hands and not so much by our mouth.

My website seems to be growing every day, getting larger and larger by the week. And getting more expensive along the way too...lol Pretty soon I'll have to take in donations or else find some sponsors. I just don't know how large this website is going to get. Well just have to wait and see what happens!!! 

Hey kids, did you know when we were young boys and girls, our moms gave us a pacifier to comfort us, but for some reason, I preferred the Paper Mate marker instead. Say, you think this might have anything to do with the way I turned out?

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Wanna show your awesome creations to the world!!!  -  If you are an artist or maybe your not an artist or maybe you just think you are an artist or on the other hand, you could be a wanna-be-artist just like me which isn't a bad thing trust me on this one. Anyway, if you still like to draw, paint, sculpture, do wireworks...etc then go to this website called Art-a-day.org (it's free- meaning nooooo money).  Wouldn't you like to be famous for the day? Who wouldn't right!!! Well, if your artwork is chosen, it will be posted on their website for the whole world to see, yes the whole world to see, (WOW, that's pretty cool)!  You don't have to be a professional artist to enter, just somebody who loves to create artwork, artwork and more artwork. Even if you have a little talent, some talent or no talent. Hey, what's talent anyway right. It's just a 6 letter word right, which is much better than that 4 letter word. Opps, should I have said that? So talent or no talent, don't matter my friend as long as you can hold any drawing device in one hand, whistle a tune and can create a cool looking image on paper all at the same time.(This is not an easy task, trust me on this one).  Also, if you do any creations in photoshop, illustrator, you can post that as well.  All work is posted in their art gallery if they pick yours!!!  I even posted one of my designs on their site, it was fun and easy. Give it a try!  The way your name will appear next to your drawing for example might say, Mary Contrary Smith from USA or Big Bobby Joe from U.K or Grease Monkey Mike Jr. from USA., something to that effect.  Happy Drawings!!!