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Here's another website where you can look up my book: Just click on the picture of the dog getting a bath.

When you are on the SEO Search Engine/ScrubTheWeb page. Just type in (Mr.Clarks Awesome Designs Coloring Book), in the blank box to the left of where it says search the web and then click onto the button. And from there it will take you to a page where you will see my book listed at different places where one can order my book from.

TRY THIS! Try the second one down from the top which is #2.  This will re-open my webpage. So now you have 2 of my webpages open. Pretty cool huh...lol  


A SEO Search Engine A SEO Search Engine
landmarkonthenet.com landmarkonthenet.com

landmarkonthenet.com is another place that also carries my book.