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Sep 14, 2021
2:01 AM

A Complete Guide to Essay Writing—Make it Simple

Types of Essays

There are various types of essays, such as argumentative essay, descriptive essay and so on. It is vital to write my essay which type you should be writing depending upon the instructions given in your assignment sheet. Here is a list of all the types: -

Literary Essay: Literary essays convey a personal interpretation and evaluation of literature for example the Bible or literary classics such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The personal view depends upon one’s own experiences and interpretation of different characters described in these books. Literature offers broad scope for creative ideas and imagination in depicting different aspects through this genre.

While the essay types are several, they can be classed into four major types:





Narrative: A narrative essay tells a story about actual events in someone’s life. Often people use narratives to online essay writing service an experience or event that they themselves have experienced. However, these essays can sometimes describe something that happened to someone else; for example, some historical events may be so dramatic and well-known that people know them as if they had been present and witnessed them firsthand. Narrative essays are made up of three parts: exposition, development (rising action), and resolution (falling action).

Expository: An expository essay explains the meaning of a topic through reason, research or argument. In other words, it is used to explain a situation by providing reasoning behind it in order to inform the reader why certain things happen. This type of essay is best known for its ability to inform and educate the reader. Expository essays may be assigned by teachers when they want students to view a certain topic from a scholarly point of view, but writing in this style is not just for school purposes. When carrying out research or working on something that involves thinking about issues or communicating ideas in a clear and precise manner, expository work can come in handy.

Descriptive: These essays are characterized by their main goal – which is to describe people, places, things, events etc. This type of essay often invokes the five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) so as to bring the image and feel of the subject into cheap essay writer detail before it floats away from the reader. Furthermore, some descriptive essays also involve a good deal of comparison so as to more explicitly describe the topic at hand, or to effectively contrast two different concepts or objects against one another in order to display numerous similarities and differences alike. This type of essay can be quite interesting and fun if done correctly because it allows you to get creative with your writing; however, you must be careful not only about what words you use but how they are arranged on the page as well.

Persuasive: A persuasive essay is written with the main purpose of convincing someone that a certain idea is valid, especially in cases where there may be some disagreement over said idea. These essays take many forms because they’re often used for different purposes, such as to convince a person to do something, to change their mind about an idea that they disagree with or to take some sort of action. Most persuasive essays require you to use logic and reasoning in order to effectively prove your case. However, this does not mean that you can be completely objective when writing a persuasive essay because it’s important that your emotions are revealed through the words on the page so that the reader feels emotionally connected with what he or she is best paper writing service.



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