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Popularity of Drugs Among College Students
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Ryan Matthew
8 posts
Jan 12, 2022
11:39 PM

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Sample expository essay on “popularity of drugs among college students”

People of all ages possess an addiction towards something, that thing might be tea, music, social media, etc. All these types of addictions affect people in one way or another. College students are found to have more than one addiction. Nowadays apart from all these things, the use of drugs and alcohol is gaining popularity among college students. The common use of drugs by college students has made them addicted to it. In the previous few years, the popularity of drugs among college students has been found at a great peak. The popularity of drugs among college students is not just affecting the mental or physical health of the students but is also targeting the performance and productivity of students in their practical and academic life. 


The popularity of drugs among college students is also expected by the use of social media. The reason behind this is that every type of information that is positive as well as negative is available on social media. The young generation, especially college students, continually use social media and this is the reason they get more attracted to the use of drugs or alcohol, etc. Apart from that, students who are already using drugs make it popular among other class fellows and friends. 


This popularity of drugs among college students has led to the development of serious physical as well as cognitive health issues. The changing behavior and attitude of the student who is using drugs is one of the consequences. The condition might become severe if they do not take drugs after a specific interval of time. The reason behind this is that their body is addicted to those drugs.


The popularity of drugs among college students has severely affected the productivity and performance of the students. They are not able to concentrate on their studies. The use of drugs has diverted their mind from learning positive things to the negative things of life. It has been found that most of the students who used drugs are not in their senses. This has severely affected their practical as well as academic life. The popularity of drugs among college students is a threat for the other students because there are chances that they might be attracted to the use of drugs. 



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M hassaan
252 posts
Jan 17, 2022
3:27 AM
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xyzz sdfl
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Feb 07, 2022
10:58 AM
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May 23, 2022
8:29 PM
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May 26, 2022
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