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Corruption in Public Organizations
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Ryan Matthew
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Jan 12, 2022
11:40 PM

An essay is the ability to check critical thinking and analytical abilities. Although the basic structure of the cause and effect essay is similar to other types of essays, the content is based on analyzing the results and consequences of certain events. The main aim of the cause and effect essay is to identify the reasons, outcomes, and impacts. There are different kinds of cause and effect essays based on the correlation between the causes and relative effects such as multiple causes and single effects, one cause, and numerous impacts. Therefore, while starting writing a paper based on causes and impacts, you must consider the correlation to be able to write an effective essay.


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A cause and effect on corruption in a public organization

Corruption is a threat for a public organization because it is based on the violation of the rules in the public sector. The basic motivation behind the corruption is private gain by unfair means. The wrong perception is one of the basic reasons for corruption in a public organization. It is an illegal act that is used to gain a personal favor. It affects the economy and other factors of social life. Corruption in public organizations has multiple causes such as societal and ethical deterioration, weak political system, lack of justice and economic inequality which imposes various negative impacts on the people.  


There are different causes of corruption in the public sector. First one is based on personal greed, and the basic aim of this act is to get the money and power through wrongful means. Another factor behind corruption is negative thinking and it is due to illiteracy and lack of education. Poverty is also one of the factors of corruption, which is due to the low income in the public sector and it plays a vital role in corruption. Political instability is one of the main causes of corruption in certain countries. Political instability affects the public organization.


Corruption is caused due to the poor accountability in the public sector. Authorities in public sectors gain money by unfair means in the form of bribery. Few other causes of the corruption in public organizations is weak performance of the institutions of governments that tends to increase the inflation rate in a public organization. Ethnic diversity is also playing its role in spreading corruption in a public organization. A member who is in the public position of one ethnic group always shows corrupt behavior and elects the other members of the same ethnicity. When I ask essay writer online to write my essay I ask him to place the thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph.



Nepotism, weak social structure, and gender discrimination are also some of the elements of corruption in the public sector, various studies show that women have more helping behavior than men, and this exhibits that they are less corrupt than men but they have to get fewer opportunities to show their strengths.


There are many deleterious effects of corruption in a public organization. It gives way to social and economic injustice, it increases inflation and it is also becoming the reason for alienation among the individuals. economic and social instability is also raised due to corruption in the public sector. Corruption in public organizations is also becoming the reason for the deterioration in the education sector. It also affects the health care departments, as it leads to poor quality of health care.


Corruption in public organizations on a high level slows down the development of society. It only does not become the reason for inefficiency in the growth of economic development but also affects the fair distribution of different resources among the people. It leaves an impact on the business sector.


To conclude, corruption is caused by an eroded political system and rampant socio-economic inequality which leads to an increase in poverty, social injustice, and deviance in society. Therefore, a holistic approach is required to curb the impacts of corruption in the public sector to maintain social solidarity and peace.  



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Jan 13, 2022
1:11 AM
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