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40+ Amazing Topics for your Critical Essay
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Ryan Matthew
11 posts
Jan 12, 2022
11:43 PM

When students are asked to write a critical essay, they are expected to provide an in-depth analysis of the topic by providing various evidence such as reports and facts from published literature. The word criticisms imply that you have to study and research all the aspects of a given topic and provide a detailed analysis through a specific viewpoint.


While writing a critical essay the effectiveness of the write-up is based on multiple factors such as selection of an exciting topic, a strong and convincing thesis statement, coherent structure, good analysis, and supplementation of data with the evidence. Although all the factors are important, the selection of the topic is the most crucial as it is the first and foremost part of your essay writeup. It will set the direction for further research and all the content will be gathered based on the selected topic. When I write my essay, I take special care of selecting a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Moreover, the relevance of the topic is also important to attract the reader's attention.



Select the theme for your critical analysis essay for example you can select some social issues such as education, poverty, drug abuse, healthcare problem. Other themes include political debates, international relations, topics related to medicines and problems.


If you don’t have a good topic then writing a critical essay becomes a daunting task. Effective writing is based on the selection of a good topic and great analysis on that particular topic. Although it seems like you have endless choices, selecting the best topic is an important skill that is required for a skillful essay writer. There are few steps that you can follow to select a good essay topic.


A critical analysis essay gives you a chance to analyze the given topic in detail. Selecting a topic for the critical essay seems a simple task, however, for many students the topic selection is difficult. The main reason for not being able to select a good topic is the vastness of the domain, fear of selection of the wrong topic, and searching for perfection. If you are assigned to write a critical essay and you are unable to decide the specific topic then the following topic suggestions will help you choose a good topic to ace your writing assignment.

  1.   Impacts of Virtual learning environment on students

  2.   Vaccination against COVID

  3.   Islamophobia in the West

  4.   Freedom of speech as a fundamental human right

  5.   Increasing racism in West

  6.   Multicultural and transnational identities

  7.   Pharmaceutical malpractices

  8.   Increasing substance use in the teenagers

  9.   Idealism in the fashion industry

  10.   Climate change and Global warming

  11.   Populism in the world politics

  12.   Public and private education

  13.   Excessive use of social media among teenagers

  14.   Article intelligence and future employment market

  15.   Legalizing gambling in the country

  16.   Accuracy of standard medical testing for vaccination

  17.   Internship in the schools

  18.   Death penalty for prevention of crimes

  19.   Euthanasia or Mercy killing

  20.   Video game addiction among teenagers

  21.   Feminism in the 21st century

  22.   Poverty is the root of all evils

  23.   Innovation to mitigate air pollution,

  24.   Realism in International relations

  25.   Gender biases at the workplace

  26.   Education can bring social equality

  27.   Taboos in Eastern culture

  28.   Importance of learning cultural values

  29.   Ethics and moralities in the nursing profession

  30.   Neocolonialism in 21st Century

  31.   Indoor games versus outdoor games

  32.   Gender discrimination in sports

  33.   Exercise and its importance for health

  34.   The main cause of depression among adults

  35.   Childhood psychological issues

  36.   Impacts of junk food on mental health

  37.   National educational policies

  38.   Education is important to bring social change

  39.   Domestic violence during the pandemic lockdown

  40.   Innovative technology to eradicate global warming


All the aforementioned topics cover social, political, and economic areas and you can select any topic of your choice to get started writing your critical essay. However, a few of the topics are broad and while writing you will have to narrow down to provide a comprehensive and effective critical analysis such as you can critically analyze various aspects of climate change such as its social implication, political attitude towards climate change, and recommendation. If you are not able to select any topic, you should consider taking the help of a custom essay writing service to ensure that you are completing the essay writing task correctly. The professional writers will lead you in the right direction and help you in organizing your critical analysis.


While writing a critical essay, the topic must interest you as well. Without having an intrinsic interest in the essay topic, you will not be able to be fully engaged as you write about the topic. Therefore, try to select the subject in which you have some basic interest and also have a good understanding of the underlying concepts.


Choosing the right topic is crucial for researching the related content. The topic of the essay is the first thing that the readers come across therefore, it should be intriguing and comprehensive as well. The topic of an essay is the attention-grabbing tool that further encourages the reader to read your essay. Therefore, selecting a theme for your essay which enables you to write robust content and draft a meaningful essay is an important step towards a successful writing.



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Rami Ryan
Apr 22, 2022
10:19 AM
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Apr 05, 2023
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Victor Patrick
Jun 01, 2023
9:28 PM
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