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Work from Home Versus Work at the office
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Ryan Matthew
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Jan 12, 2022
11:44 PM

Compare and contrast essay is about evaluating the differences and similarities between two subjects. Students get confused about the relative structure of compare and contrast essays when they are assigned the task of comparing and contrasting the two subjects.


If you are thinking about where to start writing your compare and contrast essay assignment, then you don't need to worry. This article will provide you with a few valuable tips which are used by an essay writer online, to enable you to write a great essay.



  1. Choose your topic and subject wisely. The selected topic must enable you to compare the similarities and identify the contrasting aspects. Make sure that the selected topic is linked and can be compared logically.

  2. Brainstorm the similar and contrasting aspects between two subjects of the chosen topic. You can use different mind maps and Venn diagrams to identify the differences, similarities and overlapping aspects of the given topic.

  3. Carefully plan your essay to make a coherent structure. Start the essay with a brief introduction about the topic. There are multiple ways in which compare and contrast essays are structured. You can either structure your essay based on the subjects or divide it based on the individual points of similarities and differences. You can also structure your essay based on the sections in which you can discuss the similarities in one section and differences in the other section.

  4. While writing an introduction explain why you want to discuss the specific topic and how it will help in gaining a better insight into the different perspectives. When I write essay for me, I provide a brief background on the given topic, so that it can hook the reader's attention and evoke interest in reading the essay.

  5. Use the supporting evidence to back up your stance. You can cite different resources such as published reports in newspapers, books, and peer-reviewed journals. This will improve the credibility of your essay.

  6. While writing a comparing and contrasting essay you can use signal transitioning to connect the ideas. The phrases that are commonly used for conveying the comparing and contrasting expression include, on the contrary, however, whereas, yet, nonetheless, on the other hand, still, as well as, in common with, like wide, also, both, etc.

  7. Once you are done writing an essay, you must proofread the write up as it gives you a new perspective and helps you identify the errors in the essay.


By following the aforementioned tips, you can write an impactful compare and contrast essay.


Sample Essay: Work from home versus work at the office

The lockdown imposed due to the pandemic has badly affected the working patterns of the people. Due to restrictions and social distancing, only a limited number of people or employees are allowed to work at the office, and the remaining staff work from home. Technological advancements, fast-speed internet and new software for remote monitoring and effective communication have made working for home possible. An increasing number of people have started working remotely.


Many people think that working from home is beneficial in terms of saving time. People don’t have to commute daily for hours. On the contrary, many people think that working at an office is more efficient as it provides you a specific environment which helps you to concentrate and remain focused on your work as compared to home where there are numerous distracting factors which declines the work efficacy.


Working from the office is advantageous due to traditional working, better scrutiny and fewer interruptions. Moreover, it keeps a person active as compared to people who prefer working from home. Although, at home, the luxury of having a comfortable room and quiet place is a blessing for many people, yet most people cannot work in such a sluggish and comfortable environment.


Working in the office provides different opportunities to collaborate and communicate with peers and other employees. In contrast, working from home can isolate a person and there are limited opportunities for socialization because all communication happens through digital resources. Hence, collaboration with the coworkers and supervisors in the office, relative discussion on social and work-related issues is only possible when a person is working in the office. Therefore, remote working can become distressing and causes frustration as there is no motivating factor or emotional support.


Working from home has many beneficial aspects as well such as it is more conformable and allows the employees to save a great deal of money and time. Less traveling by the people leads to less traffic congestion and lesser pollution which is beneficial for the environment.  Another important aspect is the people working from home are well-rested and less lethargic which is important for better output. However, if you still feel confused and do not know where to start you can seek help from the professionals at online essay writing service website as this will liberate you from the anxiety of having to write a perfect essay.


When a person works from home, it becomes easy to strike a work-life balance which is important for mental and physical health.  As compared to working in an office, companies can benefit more from the employees working remotely by saving the infrastructure cost and miscellaneous expenses to maintain the work space for employees.


In conclusion, some people think that working from home offers flexibility in terms of time while many people favor the idea of working in the office as they believe that the office working environment is more suitable for enhancing efficiency and social communication.



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otis jame
Dec 04, 2022
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Jul 06, 2023
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A compare and contrast essay involves evaluating the similarities and differences between two subjects. When writing such an essay, it is important to choose a topic and subject that allows for meaningful comparisons. Consider the logical connections between the subjects and ensure they can be compared effectively. Bitlife
Aug 31, 2023
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Therefore, remote working can become distressing and causes frustration as there is no motivating factor or emotional support.


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