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Here I am oh well.

Well actually this is not my trailer park, but pretty close to it! And this is probably where they will be taking me out when my time comes in a wooden pine box! Oh I just wanted to add that the rodent population here well not here, but where I live has been down the last couple of years cause people have been securing their trash better than in the past. So no more rats, BIG RATS TOO!!! Still might have mice in the Wintertime, but that's only because their looking for a place to keep warm inside the walls. Can't blame them! Gee, I hope I can afford the electricity bill this Winter for the heating cause electricity is going up and up! WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO? BUT WHEN YOU FALL ON HARD TIMES, WHAT THE HELL CAN YOU DO? Oh by the way, your probably wondering what the barbwire is for? Well to keep the prisoners from escaping of course! Just kidding...lol Or keep us from escaping...lol